How To Prevent Burnout in Sports?

Kristaps Kazaks
Last Update April 7, 2021
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This video is a part of Sports Intelligence podcast, a show that delves into the minds of those individuals in the sports industry who succeed, create winning cultures and inspire others to maximize their potential.

This episodes guest is a 3 time Winter Olympic Games participant and one of the all time best Latvian alpine skiers Kristaps Zvejnieks.

Kristaps shares his story of reaching his peak, facing criticism online and dealing with multiple burnouts in his career.

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Hi there! I am one of the co-founders and host of Sports Intelligence podcast. My background is in Sports Management and before launching I spent 4 years working at English Premier League. If you want to chat Sports Business, High Performance, Psychology or anything along those lines, feel free to reach out or follow me across social media.
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